Bernie Sanders Outlines Three-Step Marijuana Plan To Block Big Corporations From Controlling …

The Medicinal Paradox:

Republicans want fewer regulations and smaller government; unless it has to do with Medical Marijuana. Socialist punching bag Bernie Sanders seems to be the only presidential candidate that honors this stalwart Conservative value.

Bernie’s Plan

Warning: Actual Policy, Issues, and Laws being discussed. If you don’t feel like reading just watch the interview at the bottom of the screen.

Step One

“This is what we do. Right now, unbelievably, under the Controlled Substances Act, marijuana is at the same level as heroin, which is insane,” Sanders said. “So we take it out of that, which essentially legalizes marijuana all over this country.”

According to the proposal the senator released, he would first appoint an attorney general charged with ending the war on drugs and then, within 100 days, use executive action to deschedule cannabis. After that point, he’d push Congress to pass legislation to permanently legalize marijuana.

Step Two

The second part of the plan involves moving to “expunge the records of those people who’ve been arrested for marijuana” he said.

Sanders’s plan calls on federal and state authorities to review data on cannabis convictions and clear those records. It would also provide a process for “administrative remedy” for individuals eligible for expungement who have not had their records cleared within two years.

Step Three

“The third thing we do—which is really important I think—as we move toward the legalization of marijuana, I don’t want large corporations profiting,” he said. “I want the people who’ve been hurt the most to be able to benefit. The folks who should be involved in the legal marijuana business will be people of color.”

In order to achieve that, the senator wants to reinvest tax revenue from marijuana sales into communities that have been disproportionately impacted by prohibition. Additionally, he said a $20 billion grant program would be established to provide access to capital to marginalized individuals and stimulate business in areas hit hardest by the drug war.

Sanders didn’t get into some of the other nuanced provisions of his plan during the new interview, but another part of the proposal involves prohibiting tobacco companies from participating in the industry. He also said the government would provide resources “for people to start cooperatives and collective nonprofits as marijuana businesses that will create jobs and economic growth in local communities.”

Bernie Sanders Outlines Three-Step Marijuana Plan To Block Big … In one of the first comments on his new marijuana legalization plan since its …. group of Ohio municipalities are set to vote on measures to decriminalize marijuana …

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