Ohio’s First Year of Legal Marijuana Sales

Well, 2019 is coming to an end, and I have had my legal medicinal marijuana card for over a year, dating back to being forced to drive to Michigan as my only legal means to procure the sticky-icky. It has had its ups and downs, but the bottom line is that it is utterly awesome! I get to sit in Verilife, a dispensary that has the furniture of a start-up tech company, purchase one of my favorite strains, and sit here and freely type this article .†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††



I must recant that last line. After being told I could use the facilities to write my review I was asked to leave a completely empty office.

In fact, the entirety of my positive review of the place was contingent on the good vibes of the place. Unfortunately, your local marijuana dispensary is not your friend. The friendliness ends after the transaction at the Ohio dispensaries I have been to. I have frequented dozens of dispensaries in Denver, and the friendliness and bonding between customers were facilitated by the dispensary. Classic stoner movies played on a loop along the wall of flat-screen televisions facing comfortable leather couches. Dazen and Confused and Half-Baked competed for airtime. Dispensaries like Verilife in Pleasant Ridge and About Wellness in Lebanon have a feel of going to the dentists’ office.

At Verilife, the only time there is any humanity exhibited by the staff comes by way of the budtenders. It’s no surprise that the people taking your money are amicable. The actual experience of buying marijuana never gets old. Most marijuana patients know more than most of the people running the show.

The current state of Ohio’s program is a monopolized structure. The State passed the law that Ohio voters turned down. Limited competition is stagnating the program and keeping the prices to around $16 per gram. Getting into the business requires about at least a million-dollar investment, and the entire thing is a bureaucratic nightmare to operate. All of this for something that can grow in your yard for free and has never seriously injured anyone. More people die eating spinach.

Another reason that participation in the program appears stagnated is the fact that penalties for illicit marijuana were not incredibly harsh to begin with, and some communities are completely decriminalizing up to a half-pound. State law considers under a hectogram of weed about a $120 payout ticket. A hectogram is 100 grams I believe. Anyways, a quarter-pound is 112 grams.  Ohio Patients are allotted 2.83 grams of marijuana daily unless it is incredibly potent. This weed testing incredibly high in THC is supposed to be taken half as much. If you read the Ohio Marijuana law available here, marijuana proportions are measured in comparison to morphine dosage, which is insane to me.

To me, the most insane thing is that there is no other place for marijuana patients to gather other than the dispensary. The cultural taboo surrounding the medicine is still incredibly taboo. You can not roll a joint and smoke it. You have to get a State Approved Scientific crack pipe to make you look incredibly silly while smoking your medicine. So you buy your medicine, leave, and go hide like a troll with your future person drug pipe (because electric burning is safer than an open flame?) while paying too much money and being treated worse than when you are a customer at McDonald’s.



The best part about all these experiences, regardless of geography, are the other patients. We get the best information from one another. Medical Marijuana patients are a diverse group ranging from folks of all ages and backgrounds. and unbeknownst to me, most patients are over 40 years old. These places are packed with them. That data is verifiable according to the Ohio Marijuana Control Board. These swell folks were complaining vehemently about Verilife’s speed of service, and as I said, I was unable to sit there for 10 minutes, though the store was empty. There is no place for people to gather other than a dispensary. Maybe THERE SHOULD BE A CLUB. CHECK OUT THE 420 Clubhouse and other local groups, because patients need to be in contact with other patients.


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